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Font Size & Colour For Add QSO Dialog?

Hi All,

One of the most annoying thing I have found with this piece of software is the colour and size of the font where one enters the Frequency when adding a new QSO.

It is that small and light grey, I am hoping that I can change the font size and colour??

See attached.



The reason it's grayed in your example is because the frequency of your radio is being tracked automatically by the program.  You should not ever have to enter the frequency manually.

If you uncheck the "band" track box, the frequency will be erased and you you can enter the frequency manually. At this point it should not be grayed.


You have limited control of the font and font size by using the 'Options', 'Font' window shown below.  Of course that will change all the text in the Add Logbook Entry (ALE) window.


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The font size and color are the same for all my ALE boxes.

73, Charlie - KØLAF

Frq font.JPG
(37.6 KB)

Thanks Everyone for the assistance.

Ron, you nailed it mate.

I took the 'tick' out of the Default font and it all come good.

The ticks for Tracking were already deselected.

Have an awesome day all.


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