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Not uploading to LOTW

I changed my TQSL certificate on Sept 15,2020.  When I uploaded to LOTW everything went ok, so I thought.  I got no errors.  When I downloaded from LOTW I would not get any matches of contacts made after 9/15/2020.  I opened LOTW and saw that the last QSO was from 9/14/2020.  I looked on this forum and saw there was a problem with the upgrade to TQSL v2.5.5 and it gave the information for a fix that said to enter the same password in the LOTW URL's password box and also the same password in the TQSL Options box.  I did this and then I got an error stating that  "Failed to sign ADIF with TQSL". I then saw where it said to download TQSL v2.5.6 and everything should be fine.  I did that and entered my LOTW password in both passwordd boxes on the upload screen and i still got the same error and when I checked the logfile the last entry was an hour earlier?  WHAT DO I DO NOW??

Feeling frustrated!!!


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Clear the Private password box!

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