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Saving a Frequency with Data Mode Enabled?

Hi Guy's

How does 1 go about saving a frequency to favorites with Data mode enabled?

EG: I wish to save 40m, 7.074 FT8 Frequency in favorites so that when clicked it will automatically set radio to said Freq and Mode USB-D ?


elect Favorites from the Rig Control menu.

Enter data as shown here.



Open  Favorites /Add and select the Tile adding 40M FT8.

I put 7.074.00 DATA-U in the next line

Add 7.074.00 For Freq and Mode DATA-U

Select the 40m folder from the Where list.

Click OK and that should do what you want.



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Hi John
No that doesn't seem to work for me, once added it just says UNKNOWN MODE

What radio are you using?

Hi John
An Icom IC-7300

Hi John

Thx for your help, but still not working, starting to wonder if the 7300 has a cat command for digital modes?

I used the Demo mode to test this which is probably why it does not work for you. Sorry.

This might help you

I used the Demo mode to test this. Sorry it does not work for you.

Google "IC-7300 CI-V manual". G3NRW has what you might need.


If it is any consolation, it doesn't work with my IC-7610 either.

73, Charlie - KØLAF

You can use a Macro to do what you want.
Set up your IC-7300 with all the settings you want for FT8 including power output.
Press F9 and a Snapshot of the settings will be made.
Click on the Selection button in Rig Control and click on Snapshots where you will see the Snapshot.
You can then rename it and edit it if you wish.

Clicking on the Macro will setup your IC-7300 as you want.


Tried that John-G3UCQ and still no joy 

Can you post a screen shot of the edit window?

Hi john

what i have found, is i have to click the macro twice to make it go to data mode


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