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Adding a field to the Add contact window

 Is there a way to add a field to  the Add contact window. I know I can add a custom tab but I would like to add a field for logging Parks on the air park numbers on the call information window.


Aw if only it was that simple. Users cannot "add" to the ALE window other then the entries listed in the "Show Fields" tab.  If you look in "show fields",  you will see only IOTA.  Adding other "ota's"  i.e. YOTA, POTA, SOTA etc. would require  new code to keep track, list candidates etc.  It seems there would be an almost infinite number of entries.  IOTA has a finite number of Islands, so it's relatively easy to have been implemented.  You can submit a "ticket" and request a change.


Ron  W3RJW

Understood. That makes sense. I modified one of the Custom fields and that is working fine. Thanks for your help.



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