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Output power display?

 I've got an IC-7100 that seems to work well with HRD, but I'd like to be able to read the output power on the screen when I'm transmitting.

The default  setup turns the S-Meter into a transmit power meter, but that's just a bar-graph, the same as on the radio itself.

I'd much rather have a couple of digits, even if they were only percent power output.

I know the data's in there, because I can see it in the DDE Monitor window:

HRD_TX_METERS          | ALC=22=255 PWR=135=255 SWR=0=255

Which tells me I'm at 135/255 (or 53) percent of nominal output power, which is 100W on HF, so 53 watts.

Any way to get HRD to show a digital display of TX power?


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