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Themes/Colors - Dark Mode Needed

First just let me say that I really enjoy using HRD. I almost never have any problems with it using multiple radios at the same time and it's the most feature packed ham radio software I've seen. 

That being said, my greatest issue is that I like to work late at night, usually with not a whole lot of light on in the room, or working portable where no light is present and the HRD windows are just to bright. None of the theme options reduces this enough. 

A truly dark theme is what is needed, where there are no light colored backgrounds anywhere on the screen. 

The rig control can be made the darkest of the bunch, but still the title bar and the button bar have bright colored backgrounds that can't be changed.

The logbook is the worst. It is so bright that it hurts my eyes to look at it when in a dim or dark room or operating in remote areas where not a lot of light is present. 

All of my editors and IDE's that I use for programing have truly dark modes that are easy on the eyes and extend my time using them. Letting me choose the background, foreground colors for every aspect of the window. 

I could not find any topics of this nature so wanted to get some other opinions and hopefully add this as a suggested feature for later versions.

Thanks for reading!



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I agree Ken, it really does need some way of customising that bright white, it's hard on the eye's when your looking at it for a while

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