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HRD with 2 or more radio , please help me

hello , two radio Yaesu FTDX3000 and Yaesu FT818ND separately HRD works In my case the 3000 with ports COM 3 FSK and COM 4 for the PTT and for the 818 through the SCU17 ,COM 9 FSK and COM 6 for PTT . Separately that is, not connecting  the respective USB to the apparatus that is not operational everything works OK. If I connect the two USBs to the PC, the COM ports are incorrectly connected, preventing the operation of the two USBs. Any suggestions? Thank you 

Hello:  I use a FTDX-3000  and a FTDX101D connected to the same computer.  I use a two port usb switch ($15 from amazon) to switch the usb between the two radios for rig control and it works great.  Using this config. the correct com ports are always there.  I hope this gives you something to think about.  73 Dick N6EB  Wetumka, Oklahoma

Thanks for the suggestion, but currently I prefer to manually insert the radio that I want to use by inserting the associated USB to the PC off.


Unfortunately for me, the simultaneous connection of both FTDX 3000 and FT818ND radios using their cables is detrimental !!!!


Despite the manual choice of radio, HRD reacts randomly by not guaranteeing the right COM to make the chosen radio work.


I report for simplicity what happens.

FTDX 3000 has in my case COM 3 activation of the FSK and COM4 activation of the PTT

FT818ND connected to YAESU SCU 17 , COM 9 for FSK and COM 6 for PTT.


Well, by connecting the two USBs and selecting one of the two radios, com ports are randomly enabled !!!


In addition, the DM780 program, digital master, configures the wrong COMs, forcing the operator to correct them manually.


The use of the two radios or switching from one radio to another with the same program are rendered, in my case not manageable.


I therefore prefer to select the radio before the launch of the HRD, connecting its USB to the PC. Connecting the other radio during THE operation of the HRD is NOT possible because the COM that will be set are incorrect.


I hope I've been clear,

I do NOT find a better solution and this seems strange to me .


Online in the forums I have NOT found any discussion to this inconvenience and no discussion to configure HRD with two or more radios.


Thank you again for the suggestion , I will have to pose the problem to the authors of HRD.


I'm sorry for my bad English

73 ik0BPX

Giovanni  Casu

HRD not able to connect to  TS 2000

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