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 Is it possible to connect 2 different radios, on 2 different com ports to HRD rig control at the same time?  It would be nice to be able to log from two separate rigs.

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Well, I have an answer to part of my question.  I can connect two radios simultaneously in Rig Control.

First thing I noticed was that Logbook and DM780 were connected to the original radio.  Hmm...  How do I get them to see the other rig?

In Logbook, there's a really handy button in the Radio pane that allows you to Disconnect.  If you click the Disconnect button and then follow that by clicking the Connect button in the Radio Pane, it will ask you which rig you want to connect to.  Add QSO then tracks the active radio.  Very nice job guys!  Cool functionality.

The functionality exists in DM780 too but looks slightly different.  In the DM780 radio pane it's a PLAY button on the very left above the frequency readout.  Hover over it and it says, Connect to HRD.   If you click that, it actually closes the current connection.  Then you have a Connect to HRD button.  Click that and you'll connect to the radio connected to HRD Logbook and Rig Control.

Hope this helps someone else.

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