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DM-780 CW Decoding

 How do you get DM-780 to decode anything.  I have the waterfall full of received signals and follow directions but I get nothing but junk.  On CW winker I get letters and symbols etc. all junk.  Same in PSK31 etc.  I would like to know what setups should be in the config. pages.  I can receive Morse code somewhat and what is on the screen is incorrect.  It has E, w, *, and alike letters and numbers.  None are correct.  No digital modes work.  I can use FT8, FL-digi so its not my sound card.  I installed 16GB of ram so I could run all programs together fast as possible.  The Logbook doesn't work ether.  I did create open ports for all TCP's and UPN's in the firewall on the local host.  I have gone back to the default 5 times.  The radio does transmit using the sound card and cat.  If I send PSK31 no one can decode it.

How do I get DM-780 to Decode CW?

Hi Dan are you using Upper Sideband everything uses upper sideband now for operation. Using CW you will find that decoding manual sent code is not good at all but DM will copy machine sent code very well. Band conditions are pretty bad for PSK copy these days but if you find a strong signal it should work.

73 Morris WA4MIT

Dan a little more info for you on copying CW notice the squelch control along the top of the copy window. you want this adjusted so with no signal you are not getting letters printed and when you have the signal copy bar over a station when he is sending the blue squelch bar will go pass (beyond) the squelch setting and you will start to get cw copy. Copy requires a good clean signal it will get false printing if there are several stations sending all close together the selectivity is just not that great. I have attached a couple of screen shots I took hope they help. First picture is the squelch with no signal the other shows copied cw from a lone station not sure if this was machine or not but very good print from this signal.

73 WA4MIT Morris

(40 KB)
(22.1 KB)

Thank you. I’ll try upper side band. How do I know what mode is being used if they are not sending that information out with their transmission?  Is their a setup that can read and set up DM780 to the correct digital mode by what’s received?

No there is no magic setup but there are examples of different modes what they sound and look like on the web. I would think 90% of what you find at .070 on any band is PSK31 and at .074 & .080 is FT8/FT4  and these modes are much more in use now with the poor band conditions we have. You will need to use WSJT-X or JTDX for FT8 & FT4 modes. 73 WA4MIT Morris   

Thank you.  I have been trying tonight using SSB for CW and the bands really suck.  Only 40 is open and just that at best.  Worked 6 but still not there yet.  Very new to computer on HF.  Thanks for your help.  I do use WSJT-X but I can't seem to get the log program to work with it.  I've opened up every port I can find using a program called port forward that shows' the ports that any programs you run need  open on the local host. I must just be missing something.


Dan Jenkins


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