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Logbook Selection Query's Not Working For Dates

If you try and click any of the supplied queries for all QSO's for 2020, 2019, 2018, etc. in the logbook "Selections" tab. One problem is that if you do a modify and look at the selection query, none of the date fields are being saved. They all get reset each time you click "OK" and get out of the modification window which should save the query parameters.

Another problem is that it doesn't seem to actually generate the query unless the "Enable" button is UNCHECKED in the Fields tab, which seems totally backwards to me:

John K7KB

Hello John,

it seems that the feature "Edit Selections" does not work. Here is my work-around:

The selection are stored in the file C:\users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\HRDLLC\HRD Logbook\LogbookQueries.xml. You can edit this file with any simple text editor. I prefer Notepad++ for such purposes.

When you open this file look for text-blocks like "Query Title="2020" Comment="All QSOs in 2020" ...".

In the followig line you can see that the value of Date2 is the same as Date1. Thatswhy the time related queries don't work. Replace the values for Date2 as follows:

  • 2015   42369.9999
  • 2016   42735.9999
  • 2017   43100.9999
  • 2018   43465.9999
  • 2019   43830.9999
  • 2020   44196.9999
Store the file and restart HRD Logbook.
For background information: The figures before the decimal point of Date2 represent the day count for Dec-31 started on 1900-01-01. The figurs behind the decimal point represent the part of the specific day (.25 means 06:00h; .5 means 12:00h; .9999 means exactly enough 23:59h).

Wolf, DL6JZ

Thanks Wolf for the work around, it seems to work just fine :) Hopefully the guys at HRD will be able to get their query generator working properly with Selections. Another problem I noticed is that they didn't put any provision in for a "OR" condition, just "AND", so that certainly limits the type of queries you can do. 

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