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Dm780 FSK with the Kenwood 890

has anyone got the 890 working with DM780 in FSK mode? I have tried all the comport settings and all the settings in DM-890. Thank you. Gerald

Has anyone got FSK working with any radio?

Gerald. Sorry to see your problem. FSK works fine with my IC-7610 and did with my IC-7300 and FT5000 before that. Can you post a screen shot of the setup pages in DM780 or email them to me please? Thank you.

John did you set it up to use your virtual serial port? 

I have com 3 which is a rs232 port. 

I have com 5 which is a virtual com port

and com 6 which is a enhanced virtual com port. 

Also on com 5 and com 6 they can be set up as CW keying, RTTY keying , PTT, DATA send FLOW Control 

How did  you set your com ports up ? 

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