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HRD Logbook Database Alternative

I am not sure if this was done before but what I did quite some time ago was move my HRD Logbook Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Server. This made my logbook available to me regardless of where I am and also allows for great backup. Locally speed is a slight problem for purposes of contesting but I hen use a local database and copy to the Azure Db when completed. I should think in the US that is less of an issue. 

Works out to less than $10 a month as it has a very small footprint.

Just thought there might be people that could find this useful. 

The speed issue is not that of the database itself but the speed of connection. Agreed SQLLite is better but it runs locally and is not cloud based as far as I know. That means multiple connections from different sites is not possible unless you share a drive on a PC, through a firewall etc etc. 

SQLite for a Default Database looks great to me.

You always have the Option to add an MySQL (MariaDB) and open the port to share it. 

The idea of using SQLite was to replace access. SQLite is super easy to use and does not require a server/client setup. It is fast too.

I think my post was misunderstood. I was referring to a cloud database to enable its use form various locations without having to open up your local firewall to host a server with MySQL or whatever database. And of course a local database will be much faster than one in the cloud as network speed does not play a role. 
The cloud database could be anything of your preference but my preference was MS Azure SQL Server as I use SQL Server on a daily basis. In any case it was a simple easy migration and all was working well. I still use the local access for competitions as indicated as well as SQL Server express. 

Hello Marinus,

my approach to use the same logbook on different computers is another one. I store the logbook database file (MyLogbook.mdb or so) in a windows directory which is synced to the cloud. You can use the Apple iCloud, OneDrive or any other. And you don't have to pay for it.

You get access to the logbook from one computer only at every moment since Access is not a multi-user database.


Wolf, DL6JZ

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I have done this for many years although I had the file on a server and not the cloud. Multi user is an advantage for me as sometimes I am logged in at home and want to access the log remotely. Or simply just use the log form more than one location so had to move to a multi user database. Used Interbase as well at a time as I had licenses until Azure came along. Luckily I have an standing account for business so the additional cost doe snot really impact by budget directly.

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