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ADIF export of ADDRESS field is incorrect

The exported text for the ADIF field "ADDRESS" is incorrect. The length count (in this example 17) includes all characters in the address including the CR & LF characters. In the example attached, the count should be 18. It appears that CRLF is only being counted as a single character when exported. With longer addresses the count is incorrect by one for every line of the address. The ADIF spec clearly states that "a line break is an ASCII CR (code 13) followed immediately by an ASCII LF (code 10)"

(I tried to raise a ticket for this but it refused me)

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I renewed my support this year and I can't get any answers.  Every ticket I try to put in is refused.  Their is never anyone their to pick up the phone ever.  It says to put in a support ticket but they are all refused, WHY?  I get the same statement that the ADIF field address is incorrect too.  I have a waterfall that shows the signal but following directions on how to use but nothing shows in the receive window in CW Winkey or any digital Mode.  Dan Jenkins

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I reported this same error back in early May and after several emails back and forth with Mike, WA9PIE, it was agreed that HRD logbook could not properly import a log that contained Type M (MultilineStrig) addresses.   I believe this was finally given the status as a "bug" but am not aware that this has been addressed or worked on since then.  My issue was with HRD logbook not importing properly.  Yours is with exporting, but same issue where it is not recognizing ADIF specs for the MultilineString field.



I found the Mantis bug entry.  It was entered n the system on 5//15/20 and now has the status of  "2 - Next Dev List (Holding Area) => 1 - Backlog"  

The ID is 0003679

I have now raised a ticket on this issue, and it is receiving attention. Don't know why it wouldn't accept my earlier ticket, but all good now.

There are 4 fields that use MultilineString - ADDRESS, NOTES, QSL_MSG & RIG. These are relatively important fields to support. Mercifully, the ADIF standard does not support MLS for the _INTL variants of these fields.

Of course they can import (and export) a MultilineString. It's software - you can do anything.

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