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logbook blocked

When I open Ham radio deluxe, progress is halted by the refusal of the logbook to open. The stated reason is that it is incorrectly configured with the operating system (Windows 10). Can you please help me to rectify this problem?

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I have exactly the same problem.

I has been ok but the last day this problem occur


SA0SOA, Sven-Olof 

I attach the error, but unfortunately in Swedish so please use goggle translate 

(2.78 MB)

hallo Sven-Olof

Thanks for your help, it workt

Best 73



Thank you very much.  Your link enabled my logbook to start working again.

--George Fletcher, AD5CQ

Tnx Sven! 

Same here!

Your link helped!

73 de Gerhard OE3GAS

 Tried following the instructions in the link and got the following


I don't want to unistall my office suite as in case anything else breaks.

Any ideas please?

73 de


I solved the problem.

in my case

 1. uninstall Microsoft Office 365/X64

 2. reinstall  Microsoft Office 365/X64

after no error of the LogBook

my PC is ThinkPad X1 carbon & Windows10 pro

best 73


Hello all,

Always nice to help!
...and to often happens something negative after a update from Microsoft.
Best 73
SA0SOA, Sven-Olof

Got round it without having to uninstal Office.

Found the latest logbook back up.

Installed the MariaDB database and ODBC  engines.

Loaded HRD and mariaDB on second Windows machine and set it up to use MariaDB and created a source.

Then copied LogbookDatabases.xml across to the main machine and ran HRD.

Created the matching database source and imported the backup into the new database.

No problem provided you don't try doing anything with the Access ODBC sources.

73 de Pete


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