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Connection failed: HRD IP Server

 I get this error message when opening HRD Logbook:

Connection failed.

Check that the HRD IP Server is started:

  1. In HRD select IP Server from the Tools menu.
  2. Make sure access is not blocked by a firewall!

Functionality appears to work as expected, i.e., download, upload, QRZ lookup etc. In addition, I get an error message when opening Satellite Tracking: Error connecting to localhost port 7809. Are these two error codes related? What is the solution?

Greg - K9GLM

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Using HRD v (I need to update). I too have had this identical problem for months and finally interested in fixing it. I am using a Flex 6600M with SliceMaster to launch its supporting third party apps (eg WSJT, JT Alert, CW Skimmer). The Rig Control portion of HRD is therefore not needed. SliceMaster only launches HRD's DM780 and I have to manually launch Logbook from the DM780 GUI and then get this error. Other than that, I have full functionality (I don't use Satellite Tracking). 

You could create a cmd file that launches Logbook and DM-780 with a little delay.
Just point slicemaster to that cmd file.

More info on how to create one you find on google.

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