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'Add' Contact Window Size

First, I'm pretty tick off at HRD right now.   I've had HRD well over a year and have NEVER contacted them with a question.    Today I asked the following:

Why can't I resized the "Add" window?   It does not appear to be windows compliant.    I can resize to in width down to where the edge touches any data field, but I cannot resize height at all.   This is very inefficient in managing screen space.   The slider bars for height move but only enough to basically hide the  menu bar at the top.   I can't slide to the bottom of the  empty window, nor can I shrink the height up to only see the top section above the 'tabs'. 

The response I got was sorry, your support period has expired.  You need to spend more money to get an answer.      The least they could have done is tell me if I have a setting wrong or if its really a design issue that I need to live with. 

Anyone know if I can resize the "Add' window so its not so large, especially vertically?  

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Did you ever figure this out?

Keith,  I did not figure it out.    The program does way more than I will ever use, especially the rig control stuff, as I'm a knob and button guy.       However, the logging portion is why I bought the program and the "Add" entry window  is the most annoying issue with HRD.     Far more annoying than the shortfalls of Logger 32, which I used for many years before HRD.

I have no problem with the ALE add window....I can resize it at the end hor. and verticale.....

seems to work ok in windows 10 build 2004

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