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3rd-Party Serial Ports Not Working

I have a Icom 7610 that I'm trying to connect to the Log4OM2 logbook using a virtual COM port setup with com0com as ports 18 & 19. I have the HRD 3rd party serial port setup on COM18, Mode: Icom, and speed at 38400. When I select enable, it does successfully connect to the COM port.

OmniRig (used for Log4OM) is setup for a rig type of a 7610, COM port 19, and speed of 38400. When I start the CAT interface using Log4OM, it seems to connect to the COM port, but it can't read the frequency nor is their any type of rig control from the log. 

The HRD 3rd Party interface has a dropdown for a CI-V address, but the only thing selectable is 0x00.

Now just for a point of reference, using the Win4Icom rig control suite, I'm able to get Log4OM to connect with no problem using the same settings above.

Any idea on what might be wrong?

John K7KB 

 Use VSPE  and all is fine.


Thanks Volker. Well I've use com0com with Win4Icom's 3rd Party serial support without any issue. Are you saying that using VSPE instead will make the difference for the HRD 3rd Party COM  support?

You may be asking why if I'm using Win4Icom successfully why I'm bothering to try to get HRD's 3rd party support working? Because I'm giving a presentation to our local club next month on Ham Radio Deluxe and wanted to see if I could make it work to present it as a feature.

John K7KB

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