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Have logbook set up to Upload to eQsl. It logs the contact but won't Upload to eQsl. Any ideas on a fix much appreciated.



Hello Greg,

did you get any error message? Your description is very short!

  • You have toenter in Configure --> eQSL your Username, Nickname and eQSL Password.
  • You can check the option "Upload every time an entry ..." in the same window.
  • I you didn't check this option you have to mark the QSO records for upload. Then right-click on the marked QSOs --> File --> --> OK.
This should work!

Wolf, DL6JZ

G'Day Wolf,

Thanks for the reply. I have it set up as you say. I've had problems with Logbook before. It looks like I have to do another TICKET to get it sorted.

73's de Greg VK2POP

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