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New TQSL (v2.5.5) not compatible with LoTW

I just downloaded 2.5.5 of TQSL and found it could not upload to LoTW.  Rolled back to v2.5.4 from my nightly backups and all is again working. 

I compared the two and could not find anything superficial that was different/missing.  Love the backups I make every night.  Save my bacon time after time. 



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Thank you Ferry for resolving the problem.

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 Like everyone else, installed tQSL 2.5.5 and I couldn't upload from HRD to LoTW.  Never set up a private password.  However, entered my LoTW password into the Private Password field and it now works.  Doesn't seem right, but it works for now.  Has anyone figured out what is going on?

William Fuller,

TQSL 2.5.6 will fix this. Meanwhile, you can put anything in the private password field and uploads will work.

73, Charlie - KØLAF

TQSL Version 2.5.6

The folks at ARRL LoTW have issued a TQSL version 2.5.6 available for download. This version is not available directly from any direct location, but can be download from:

73, John (WA3CAS)

Spent a bit of time digging into this before I saw the fix, what I found which you now all know, but anyways

1. Signing worked fine from the TQSL app directly

2. Signing would not work with the command that HRD was issuing

3. By trial and error I found leaving out the -p "" it worked when run from the command line

So, I think a bit of blame both sides here as I find it a bit bizarre to pass -p "" when the is no password. In HRD it would be much better to not pass this parameter when there is no password IMHO?

Interestingly this TQSL update did not break signing and upload in Log4OM using the same account and log etc. So I assume they don't pass a "" for -p when that field is blank. It worked just fine.

Anyways, all good now.



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