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Tracking VFO A und VFO B in sync with FT991

 Hello and a good morning,

I work on Satellite with my FT991.  This Rig has no biuld in SAT Tracking, so I try to do this with an external Software. Has anyone made some Test to sync VFO A and VFO B in Split Mode with HRD 6 ?

I work with 2 Transverters, one on 432 MHz Uplink and one on 28 MHz Downlink.
What I try is to change Freq on VFO A and sync VFO B with the right Offset Shift.




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I made some Tests with HRD6 ans Sat Tracking.
The SAT QO100 is very popular at the moment and a lot of Stations uses Up/Down-Converters.
In the Sat Tracking Module of HRD6 I can only set Beacon/Split or inverted Linear-Transponder.
Is it possible to track not Inverted?
I try to change the receiving freq on 28 Mhz ( Downlink via Converter from 10.489 GHz ) and then automaticaly sync Freq Change on VFO B in the same direction. Not inverted.
I think this would be a nice Feature in HRD6. The software has not be calculate any doppler offset.
The sat is a geostation Sat.
Thorsten DJ7ZZ


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