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i keep getting this error and have to close thru task manager


i keep getting this error and have to close thru task manager

i even deleted files in C:\Users\ka7qqv_radio\AppData\Roaming\HRDLLC\HRD  Logbook  folder please help

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Also, not sure if it's relevant but I have Office 365 on my machine.  A recent update to that may have done something to the Access runtime module.  That may also explain why not everyone is having the problem.

I deleted Office 365 because it had an update yesterday then installed the 32 bit Run time version. All good now, fingers crossed.

Appears there was an automatic update to the Office Suite included in the 9/9/2020 windows update that changed/updated the Access Runtime to 64-bit

Same thing here this am

Fix wrkd. TVM

I installed a windows update (Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004) that had downloaded in the background when I powered down a few days ago. Then yesterday I received an automatic update without knowing  (KB4576478 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 2004) and after that I observed the problem.


Can confirm that the fix Erix Gilman pointed out (to reinstall Microsoft Access 2013 32 Bit Runtime) worked for me.

Thanks, Tony. G6TME / A65CP

I suppose we are being bit by the bug.   I've just happened to start getting this same pop up window.   I am currently running Office 365 latest and greatest.   How is it that we are to go back in using some old Access Runtime 2013?  

I firmly believe that the software should be up to specs instead of old, maybe unsecured, software.

In the meantime, I am forced to installed this old file.   Well, it took care of business but I am afraid that Microsoft is going to push whatever it did back again.

Let's fix this once for all HRD

PS:   not having been here earlier, I deleted the program and clean the registry...restarted PC and reloaded software but the same happened hence coming here to find out the issue is there.  

Rafael / NN3RP

I tried everything under the sun including switching Office 365 to the 32 bit version. Still no joy! 

So switched my Database to MySQl -MariaDB variant as outlined by HRD support. Still no joy!

Reinstalled the Access Runtime 2013. Still no joy!

Finally, in desperation I installed Access Runtime 2010. Hoorah!

Every time I uninstalled Office 365 everything worked fine but as soon as reinstalled-  Same old problem.

Your mileage may vary but that is what I did to get Office 365 and HRD to live together.

In my case,  Access Runtime 2013 seemed to run an installer that screws things up.

I noticed installing Access Runtime 2010 a different installation sequence occurred.

Good Luck. Hope this helps 


Brad N1JV

Let's hope that it stays that way...but we are  still using old / obsolete app. in 2020

Rafael / NN3RP

I can not reproduce this problem here. HRD Logbook and Office 365 are working side by side on my computer. OS is Windows 10 Home, build 2004 and "No Windows updates are available". May be there are two differences to other OMs:

  1. I installed Office 365 on a fresh Windows installation and HRD afterwards.
  2. I do not use the Manager in HRD Logbook to create the ODBC User DSN. I do this in the Windows System Control Panel --> Administration --> ODBC Data Sources (32-bit). The HRD Logbook Manager selects the ODBC driver automatically and I found that this selection can be wrong in very special cases. I have to pay attention that I select "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)"/file name ACEODBC.DLL and not "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)/file name ODBCJT32.DLL. Latter choice results in very slow response time of the database (up to 5 minutes to open a QSO in the update window). The other cause is that I can select my existing database file for the created ODBD User DSN. So I do not have to do a restore of a logbook backup.
Wolf, DL6JZ

I had a recent O365 update and got the same error. Loaded the MS Access 32-bit file and that fixed it back to normal. System Win10 v2404.



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