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Function Key 4 (F4)

So noticed when I have got the stations details on the ALE and want to clear the contents by pressing Rest(F4), the rig goes into transmit mode.

Loking at the send /receive windows, F4 is allocated to Send(F4)


Been bugging me for a while..


Depends on where the cursor is. If it's in the ALE, the ALE will be cleared ok. But if it's in the RX or TX window, the program goes into  TX mode. It an be very confusing if you're not aware of it, and a nuisance when you are.


Ed - W4ELP

I wonder if either of them could be remapped to an other function key?

Or does that fit in the hard basket?

Wonder, should I raise a ticket????

Ham Radio Deluxe does not have a provision for remapping the function keys. They are hard-coded in the software. You could open a ticket but since this is the by design, it probably won't go anywhere.

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