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Grid square incorrectly logged in HRD Logbook

I recently worked NA6L when he was DXpeditioning in both DM53 and DM35.  But HRD Logbook logged the grid square to be DM12jr (NA6L's home grid square), even though it was correct in the WSJT-X log.  Somehow the ‘callsign lookup’ function (I guess) over-wrote the input from WSJT-X.  This worries me because it’s not uncommon that people we work in FT8 on any band aren’t necessarily in their “home” grid square.  And I certainly haven’t been checking each time I complete a QSO to ensure that the grid square the station sent was also the grid square that got logged!


Any idea how to turn this off, or modify the lookup function so that this doesn’t happen?  I'm using only QRZ.COM for callsign lookup.

I have manually made the corrections for these 2 QSOs.


Any thoughts would be most welcome.  

73 - Jim K6ZH

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