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Yaesu G-800DXA

I just updated to the new HDR. and now my rotator setup  has a problem. In the older version of HDR there was a setting to set South as 180 degrees. In the new version I can't find a way to set this. Now North is 180 degrees and everything is backwards. Is there a fix for this problem?

Looks like the "South (180)" stop position has been removed or moved. I am using a Yaesu G-800 DXA rotator. The only option is "controller managed". This does not work. Anybody got a clue?

Venho pedindo suporte há dias, não consigo mudar meu localizador de rede e minha localização está errada no mapa. Preciso de uma solução, comprei a versão mais recente e não está funcionando. Quem pode resolver?

Go to Logbook

Click on Tools at the top of the window

Click on configure at bottom of list

Click on My Station

Enter all your information including your latitude and longitude

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