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FT4 QSOs logged in HRD as MFSK

Gang - for the heck of it, I made some QSOs in the WW Digi contest this past weekend.  Kinda fun, actually.  I took FT4 out for a "test drive," and it was fast!!

So now I've imported my contest log into HRD, and the mode is shown as 'MFSK' rather than 'FT4.'  Is there a reason for this?  If I upload these QSOs to LOTW, will they not get 'matched.'  Or doesn't LOTW know about FT4 yet?

Any advice would be welcome. 

Tnx, 73 - Jim K6ZH


That's because they are MFSK mode.  The sub mode is FT4 (long story).   All the discussions on this subject were lost when HRD recently changed Forums, throwing away years of past knowledge.

There is a YouTube video that explains what you have to do in HRD logbook to bring yourself up to date.. Look under "Support" on the hRD web page.  If you use JTAlert, there are also options that need to be selected to make JTA compatible with HRD..

If you are using a recent version of HRD, they should match in LOTW. LOTW has been up to speed long before HRD.

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Hmmmm...Posting from "the other Jim Price."

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