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Kenwood TS-890S Vox not working

The Vox control on the Rig Control does not work. Is this happening to anyone else? If so it there a work around?


Gerald - KC6CNN

I just checked the VOX in Rig Control with my TS-890s and it does work for me.

Jack  (KZ6ZZ)

Thanks for the reply Jack. 

I have mine set for Kenwood 890 com is right and baud is right. 

The vox works in LSB and USB fine business. 

But when in CW mode Vox activates the break in mode and it does not work.

But the VOX makes a sound when clicked but does not turn on vox in CW mode. 

Try that for me and see if in CW mode it will work for break in.



Maybe HRD can make it work in CW mode, So we can activate it when switching from SSB to CW for break-in mode. 



Its call break in in cw mode. Radio its vox and HRD is break in problem solved
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