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HRD Logbook does not start - wrong parameter

 Hello dear friends, since yesterday the logbook doen't start. I receive a little window with "Wrong Parameter". All my effords failed, what can I do?

My system: win 10 pro 2004, HRD

HRD is default installed. Thanks for any help, Vy 73 René HB9DGZ

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...the same issue here

73's Tor, DM1TS

same here too

Hello you might try using the SFC Scannow this is a windows file repair function. Use Google to search how to do this there are complete instructions available. Hope this may help. 73 Morris WA4MIT

Hello dear friends, here is the solution from Ferry:

This error can happen when the computer lost power wile it was writing files.

You can fix it by the following:

Go to C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\Roaming\HRDLLC\HRD Logbook\

Delete the 3 .TXT files, the .ZIP file and if exists the LogbookBackupSettings.XML

Start logbook 

The problem should be gone... If not, contact Support.

This worked ufb for me, thanks Ferry and vy 73, René HB9DGZ

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yes Ferry Solution worked for me too ! 

thanks a lot 


Yes Ferry solution worked for me too !

thanks a lot


Had the same problem, but solved thanks to the solution posted by René


Vy 73 OZ9XU

Many thanks René,  now the log opens regularly! 73 de Luca iw2cxj

hola a mi tambien me pasa eso y probare lo de rene haber si me funciona y me lo solucioana el problema, lo que quiero saber si al borrar eso, lo que tienes metido en el libro de guardia se mantiene o se pierde

Thank you very much René and Ferry for the help,

73 jerry F4HJO

Fixed! Thanks very much - Chris   VK5SA

Salve il mio nominativo è IU7KDY, ho lo stesso problema con il logbook ma non riesco a trovare i file da eliminare indicati da René Konrad. Ho provato a reinstallare il programma anche dopo aver eliminato le tracce più evidenti del programma in C: ma niente dopo l'installazione stesso problema e se guardo la licenza risulta in automatico intestata a me con la chiave già attiva. Come potrei risolvere? Grazie a tutti.
Ok ragazzi risolto, ho attivato le cartelle nascoste su windows. Trovati i file ed eliminati.
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