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Transverte / converter shift to store proper frequency / band in logbook


Recently I started to play with SO-100 Satelite and I use transverter / converter to my FTDX101D 50MHz to 2400MHz for transmitting and 10GHz to 50MHz for reception.

Unfortumately HRD has no feature which allows to enter shifts for transverter / converter. Such functionality is i.e. in Logger 32.

Problem is that qso  bands are stored improperly in logbook. I have to enter it manually. If I forget, improper frequency and band goes to e-qsl, qrz com and lotw ... and have to be then corrected manually.

Any chance to have such functionality in further releases?

It needs probably modifications either in Rig control and logbook, maybe in other modules as well.

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 Any news for that?

Any pans for development of this feature?

There is also bug in Logbook - It is not able to store higher frequency than 2.147.483.647 which is discussed in other topics -

I purchased commercial program HRD an have to use free logger32 for QO-100 satellite. It i curious isn't it?

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