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NRD-535 Serial to USB Adapter

I bought a DB-25 to USB adaper witht the FTDI chipset and am having trouble connecting to my PC. Is that the best chipset to use? I hit connect, after making sure I choose the proper com port and all I get is "connecting..." Most options are grayed out, such as flow control CI-V. Speed only gives me the option of "auto-detect." I set my com port speed at 4800, which matches the radio. Not sure what else to try next. First time using this radio and cable; I've had no issues with other radios and DB-9 to USB adapters. Thanks.

Yes FTDI chips and drivers should work. When you connect this cable only to your computer (no radio at this time) did you install FTDI drivers and if so then this cable should show up in ports (device manager) as USB TO ++++ 

73 Morris WA4MIT

Hi- yes, I did install the drivers from the manufacturer's website. They didn't seem to be any different from the ones Microsoft automatically downloaded, but I updated tyhem anyway. And the port (com 5) shows up as USB Serial Port.

What happens to the port watching device manager when you only hook radio to cable and turn radio on does port change or show radio?. Also have you restarted computer since driver install sometimes this helps.

73 Morris WA4MIT

I've restarted. The device manager shows the new com port but no device like a radio. 

(92.8 KB)

Looking at the manual for your radio it takes a special cable to connect to the radio port some wires are crossed to other pins. Are you using a cable like this section 5.5 in your radio manual?

I'm just using a USB to DB25 serial adapter that I got on Amazon. I guess the cable is the problem. I'll hunt for one online. Thanks. 

That is a very nice computer you have. Do you have a true serial port you can add a serial port card I have one in my Dell with two serial ports and you could make a suitable cable to match the radio requirements. Wish you luck 73 Morris WA4MIT 

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