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IOTA Update????

Good afternoon,


I had my iota score updated at the HQ

And everything has been found to be correct, but now I am in HRD. How can I transfer everything that is on Submitted to Granted in one go?

Seems very unlikely to me that I have to put each of the qsos on Granted manually.

Only I don't know how can anyone help me with this?

thanks greetings

Rien, PA7RA

Hello Rien 

First you need a way to filter for only those entries you want to change. Then highlight these entries. Next use the Award button this brings up a new tool bar then select IOTA from here you can change status. Seems to me getting what you want to change is the problem I looked at filtering and unless you find something common within those entries that you can filter with.?

73 Morris WA4MIT

Morris Tnx,

Now I have all the qso who are submitted 

And Select all and change into Credits 

Tnx Morris this is what i'm need 

73'Rien, PA7RA 

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