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True panadapter front end similar to SDRuno or SDR Console 3

Just a suggestion, but boy it would be nice to have an interface like SDRuno or SDR console 3 that is actually a part of HRD and works natively within in. Any chance something like that could happen? There are a lot of add in boards out there that can Tap the IF of an aging radio, dump it into an SDR and give it a very useful panadapter output. I think it would be great if HRD had an elegant, integral, interface such as that. Rich ~W1SPS

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That would be great...but I'd just settle for them making the spectrum scope they implemented this year work as well as the one in N1MM. ;)

I am using my SDRuno with a [separate] laptop as a panadaptor. Would be very nice to control the SDRuno  AND my TS-590SG from the same PC. Anyone has an answer for that?

I wanted to elaborate a bit more.

I have an IC-7300 with a PTRX-7300 Panadapter unit in it. The PTRX-7300 unit taps the IF from the radio and outputs it to my SDRduo. The SDRduo then displays this info on SDRuno or SRD console V3 for a very nice Panadapter Display. I use Omni rig to control the Rig through the SDR software. 

I would much prefer HRD to handle the Rig control via the SDR software.

I have two wishes:

1. It would be great if HRD could interface with and control the Rig through SDRUno or SDR Console V3 even nicer to have a module similar to those but actually part of HRD.

2. I would love to see a module for FT8 that has the abilities of JT-Alert and time sych built into HRD that plays nice with Gridtracker.

Right now to do FT8 I have HRD and HRD Logbook, Gridtracker, WJST-X , JT-Alert and a time sychronizer  running. Then when I want to do SSB I shut HRD down, keep the Logbook active, Run Omnirig (to control my Rig thru SDR), run either SDRuno or SDR Console V3.  A "one and done" or close to it solution would be nice.

Hey, something to think about. Just sayin...

Rich W1SPS

Hell yea that would be awesome!

Thanks for sending that, I have seen it, but didn’t download it. I did this time. I was just hoping for a all inclusive solution. With digital modes getting as popular as they are it would be great if HRD really grabbed the reigns and did something amazing with FT8 as well as a great looking integrated SDR front end. 

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