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HRD and N3FJP Logger

 Is there a do describing how to setup HRD to talk directly  to N3FJP logging software via virtual ports?

I don't think HRD has a feature to do that with N3FJP. I do have a free third party program that will. Available at | Home


Ed - W4ELP

Don't think HRD has a feature to interface with N3FJP loggers. I do have a free third-party program to do that. It's available at | Home

73, Ed - W4ELP

I believe you have to use W4ELP to get the information entered into ACLog.

It describes it on W4ELP and I believe on the N3FJP site also. 

Sorry I can't remember exactly 


The author of N3FJP informed me that it was not possible UNLESS HRD wrote something to use his API.  It's a shame really as I wanted HRD to be the central point of everything.  I'll look into W4ELP approach.


Why don't you use the HRD logbook? There is no reason for the HRD developers writing code to use ACLog when there is already a perfectly good logbook.

N3FJP is the logging software my club uses and can be 'networked' together for contests.

HRD Logbook is okay, ACLog is a little more advanced as far as rec and sending to different services and showing who responded and how. But as a Suite nothing yet comes close to Ham Radio Deluxe. 

Yes, HRD is certainly a good value for the money and I've been happy with the support.

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