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HRD Lockup

Is anyone else experiencing their HRD freezing up on them?  I'm running HRD on a Lenovo ideacentre (Win 10, Intel Core i3-6100 @ 3.70 GHz, 8 GB RAM) connected to a new Icom IC-7300 using the USB interface.  I've applied all of the HRD settings to the radio and the computer per the setup instructions.  I have ferrites on the cables but I have yet to transmit on the radio so it is not RF.  So far, I am only listening.  The station is well grounded and bonded.  When I run HRD, the program will eventually lock up the whole computer requiring a power off cycle to get it back.  I have nothing else running on the computer and I have nothing else connected to it other than an Ethernet cable.  Sometimes the lockup happens in a couple of minutes after starting it, other times it has gone almost 30 minutes before it locks up.  Most times I just tune in a frequency to listen to on 40 meters but I have decoded some CW on the same band.  So far, the longest I've been able to run HRD is around 28 minutes.

This problem could be caused by your pc over heating. Which could be caused by a build up of dust on your cpu and the fans. Open up the case and have a look. To remove dust I use a small paint brush and a vacuum cleaner nozzle to suck the dust off. HTH

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Thank you, John.  That was a possibility that I considered when I encountered this problem upon installing HRD back in April.  I was able to determine that the pc only locks up like this if I am running HRD.  Doing anything else, it runs for days without any issues.  I suspect that this is related to HRD and the the communications interface to the radio since, when the lockup strikes, even the keyboard and mouse become inert.  It leaves a hard power off cycle as the only way to get the computer running again. I appreciate the input.

OK Michael. It might be worth checking for a dust build up though.

If dust is not the cause then there has to be something in your Windows system that is not right.

(If HRD was the culprit everyone would have lockups)

Try running Scannow. Details here


Try opening Task Manager look at Processes and let this run while connected to HRD and see what is happening within your computer maybe something is running you do not know about. Malware/virus software can want to monitor everything that goes on in computer and really slow things down. It may be using all the memory. Its worth a look anyway.

73 Morris WA4MIT

Scannow might cure the problem. Type "Scannow" into your search engine and select the Microsoft answer.

Go with what it says to do.


Gave that a shot, John, and it found some corrupt files that it says it was able to fix.  I've got it running again to see how effective this might be.  Many thanks!

Great. If you have more problems then use the DISM checker.

I cured some files for me once that SFC could not.

I think the scannow did the trick.  I've been using it for over an hour now and no more lock ups.  Far longer than it has ever run before.  The help is very much appreciated.

Fingers crossed the problems are fixed. Glad to have helped.
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