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No Cluster Connection

I just updated from HRD-277 to version 301 and now unable to connect to Clusters. I uninstalled version 301 and reinstalled 277 and everything works fine. My radio is a Yaesu FT-920. Can anyone help? Thanks

Thanks a million to Ferry PD9FER  for prompt attention. I discovered the problem which prevented the clusters from loading. It was Windows Defender which was "protecting" the system. Anyone experiencing the same problem please set your HRD Software LLC folder as well as your AppData\Roaming\HRDLLC folder as allowed in Windows Defender

Thanks for the information, but I do not understand how to do what you suggest. Could you please expand on the instructions.

Thanks, Paul W8SBH

Ok Paul, please disregard the instructions above. My system had an error which kept re-installing version 277 instead of installing version 301. The problem I had was eventually corrected through the Help desk. However, to be on the safe side I configured my Windows Defender to allow my HRD folders to be bypassed.

Please note: this is only in the event Windows Defender prevents HRD programs to function properly. If you are experiencing the same problem as I was having, it might be in your configuration in which case you should contact the Help department. Sorry for any confusion caused.

Thanks for your timely response. I will go ahead and contact the help department.

I too cannot get my Logbook window to connect to ANY cluster keeps telling me that 'No such host is known' - logbook opens and populates fine and no errors and the appropriate exclusions have been done in my Firewall and anti-virus programs. I have to say this is driving me nuts. HRD simply refuses to connect to any of the DX Clusters on the pull down list I get the 'DX Cluster: G4UGB Not Connected' at the top of the DX Message window if I try to change to any other server. Anyone out there got any suggestions ?? Running HRD ver

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