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FT-840 using CAT

Please  could anyone tell me the way to set up a Yaesu FT-840 using cat control.

Can get the rig to eventually get it connected CAT on radio flashing trying to use BK31 at first.

Are there any downloads fom Yaesu site pulling my hair out....

G0RRI Ian.  

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Ian. As well as the CAT cable you will also need an interface for data modes.

ZLP Interfaces are very good.

He will help you out.



Ian. Does your rig connect to HRD? If it does then you need an interface to use digi modes like those made by ZLP Electronics. A Google search should show you how to set it up. HTH

Hi many thanks, yes the CAT cable works ok in or on HRD.

Looking like I have a interface on its way then the fun begins sorry for being a while getting back to you my laptop wants to do as it wants. G0RRI


Ian, if your laptop is unreliable you really need to sort that out before continuing. Else you will have problems you dont know the cause of.
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