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Voice modes only on cluster - how to do it?

A while ago on the "old" forums I asked this question:

How to get the cluster to ignore Digital mode spots?  (Nothing against digital - just not my bag.)

The reply was a "sticky" at the top of the old Forum. I actually never go it to work - but since we have lost all the useful info from historical Forums I will ask again. Maybe there is a new way?

Thanks in anticipation.



In the cluster window click on "show" and select console.   You will see the command entry window in the menu bar.

Here you can send commands to the cluster to set your filters.   In this case:

"accept/spots on hf/ssb" would do what you want but is a bit "aggressive" in that you would only see ssb spots.

A full list of filter commands can be found at:

Remember, once set up a cluster level filters remains in place until you change it.

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Sri to be dense, but just want CW spots on the should I type "accept/spots on hf/cw" in the Command box?  - command not really in manual....

Will this just show CW?

Tnx de K4RLC Bob

Hi Bob,

Yes, that command will work.   However, you may not see many manual spots on CW these days except perhaps DXPeditions etc.   

Fortunately, there is another way.    I am assuming that you are using the WA9PIE-2 cluster node.   This node supports RBN spots.   You need to turn them on with the command "set/skimmer cw".    You will now see all of the CW spots supplied by the RBN (Reverse Beacon network) - but with duplicates and busted calls removed.   Many of them may not really be relevant or useful to you (eg an EU station spotting an EU station)  so a filter can be added as well.    For example, if you only want to see RBN spots where the spotter (RBN Skimmer) is local to you, you could use the command, "accept/rbn by_zone 3,4,5".   This will show spots where the skimmer is in the USA.   

Cluster filtering is a really powerful tool.   Remember, once set at the cluster, the filter remains in place until you change it ie it is still there next time you log on.   

Hope  this helps


Mike - Tnx you vy much. The RBN command with your cluster solved the problem.

Hope you don't mind my asking, but I would like the BandMap just to show the CW band, eg, 7.000 to 7.050 or so. I've attached a screen shot that shows it going to 7.225. Even with all the tweaks I've tried, can't get it to reflect the CW RBN filter. 

Is this something you also could help with?

Tnx vy much es 73 de K4RLC Bob

Rob, in the bandmap click on the zoom icon (the square box in the menu bar).   Then left click and drag the box over the frequency range that you want.



Mike - Tnx agn. I use the Zoom function in the Band Map. Don't mean to be picky but that disables the "point and click" function, so you can't click on a callsign and have the radio tuned to their frequency. Very difficult to discern the actual freq, especially in a pile-up.

 Maybe changing that would be a nice fix in the future. (I'm used to using that in N1MM for contesting.)

Tnx agn for your help,


Bob, you can do that.   After you have expanded to the frequency range you want, click on the arrow in the menu bar to the right of the square box.    That will enable point and click.   

By the way, I am just a user of HRD.   You might be confusing me with Mike WA9PIE

Mike G3YPP

UK Mike - Tnx vy much.  Got the Band Map "point and click" to work after selecting a frequency range. Vy helpful.

73 de Bob K4RLC

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