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unable to start logging

Hi all

I have a new fault when i start up HRD  Radio comes on and rig control screen shows up all  OK ,but now i get two messages 

1 The operating system is not presently configured to run this application 

2 This program is already running start another instance 

I had this Friday with MY ftdx3000 for the first time ,I changed radios to my new FTDX101D  and its the same ,i have change the radio in settings and done latest update for HRD . I am not great with computers so not to technical please . Any ideas ?

Thanks Nobby G0VJG

This problem my of been cause by RF in computer  

A strange one Nobby. I would uninstall HRD and reinstall it. I don't see why Windows is telling you to start another instance. Normally you are told "do you want to run another instant" May be a Windows update has caused this. Keep going.

Open Task Manager and under the Processes tab, look for Ham Radio Deluxe... Right click on it and then click End Task.

73, Charlie - KØLAF

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