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QRZ Subscription enabling and log in


   Struggling with two issues, happy to separate if required but I think they are linked.

HRD Version Release

Same for Logbook

      On the Logbook>double click CS worked to update contact>'Options Tab'> 'Callsign Lookup...' , the ability to promote my QRZ subscription is not working (see attached) it will only go up or down one level and not all '+' or '-' buttons are visible.

     In the same area I want to update my QRZ login details. I can alter the details and 'Apply' and back out ('OK') and the 'Lookup' button on the 'Modify' callsign page works as advertises i.e. updates all the fields of the station worked.

However all subsequent contacts the QRZ login reverts back to my old log in details and I have to go through the same process for each CS I wish to updtae.

    Actions so far:

   Limited to making the modifictaions, shutting doen Logbook, HRD and PC then restarting.

Any advice greatly appreciated.




(73.5 KB)

That is as high as you can promote the QRZ subscription   The Public and Private UCSDB are always first. There was a long discussion about this a couple of years ago when HRD decided to display these two databases.

73, Charlie - KØLAF

Cheers Charlie. Much appreciated.

1 down 1 to go. Hopefully I can get the updated details not holding solution as well.


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