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HRD connecting

FT-920 using a Tigertronics Signalink soundcard. Soundcard interface control cable is a USB. When attempting to connect using HRD I only have the option of COM Port 1 or 12, no choice to connect with USB or identify. Please help. I am currently using Windows 10 home version 1903, with Tigertronics Signalink and USB interface cable which is recognized by computer as external soundcard. Thank you, Chuck N7UQ

The COM port on the SignaLink USB is only for PTT. The device is not a rig control device.


Ok, i bought an adaptor today for my PC which does not have a serial port. The adaptor is DB9 serial adaptor to USB. HRD still will not connect after restarting my PC. I have tried several configurations. I opened my N3FJP logging software and tried rig control through that program and it works as it should. Bottom line I can't get HRD to connect. Thank you, Chuck N7UQ

I posted too soon. It is now working as it should and have successfully connected to HRD software. Problem was connecting USB into a hub rather than a direct port on the PC. It is now connected to a 3.0 USB port and working fine. Thank you Mike. 

I am trying to use signallink usb with an IC 751a. The computer sees the signallink but i cant control the radio at all. Checked all jumper settings on signalink, doubled checked all windows 7 setttings but no connection to radio?


The Signalink is only for PTT and Audio, not for radio control.

You need to buy a special CI-V cable for it.

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