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Attention: SSID in cluster auto increments

 The last release of HRD (301) has added an auto increment to your callsign SSID in the cluster. That is if you were signed in as W3RJW and the cluster for whatever reason disconnects and reconnects, your ID will increment to W3RJW-1 and so on. (this was to fix another problem) Seems harmless, but if you have cluster filters set in the console for W3RJW and the SSID increments to W3RJW-1, then all your filters will not follow.  The filters are still in W3RJW which you must change back to in 'options' , SSID to resume cluster filtering.  There is an option added in the same tab that allows you to turn this action OFF.   Default is on.  If you have no filters then leave it on.


That's a good point. Filters will not follow. I'll have to give a think about that.

Meanwhile... this was there to fix a problem where individual users were making multiple connections from several different computers with the same callsign and it's knocking the connections off like a ping-pong. The logic here is to change the SSID to avoid trying to reconnect with the same exact callsign-SSID.


I think the solution is to educate users about SSIDs and how powerful they are if used properly.   Don’t log on multiple times without using SSIDs.  Well, you can’t of course, the node will throw you off.  

We've tried that. Educating the 35,000 users of Ham Radio Deluxe about SSID is just one path to solve the problem.

We found that we need to take several additional actions to solve this.

Correct, if you don't attempt to login multiple concurrent times with the same call-ssid, everything works fine. And yes, if you connect with the same one, the node will throw you off.

The problem is that the multiple applications/sessions that make these connections DO reconnect automatically. So you get a ping-pong problem that looks like this:


There are several in this image. But UT4UWY is very commonly demonstrating this problem.

I've sent emails to folks directly when this happens, but there's no end to it.


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