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Rig Control Shuts just exits and stops

I am using a Kenwood TS-890S. Every thing works great except HRD Rig Control will just stop and shut down. I loose freq readout in DM780, 

I am running the control software off of the DB9 port so it is not a virtual port issue. 

Has anyone else had this problem?


Gerald - KC6CNN

nobody? really? 

Sorry for your problem. Does the RC shut down on a regular basis or randomly. If the latter I would suspect RFI, if the former then there may be something running in the back ground to cause the shut ddown. Try running QRP and see if it happens. HTH


All I can say is that I am not having any problems with version 301. And from the lack of activity on this forum, I would guess that very few people are. This is the quietest I can remember the forums being after a new release.

You didn't give many details. What version of HRD are you using? Are you a new user of HRD? Is this a new install or a new transceiver setup? One thing you might check is your computer's power settings. Make sure the USB ports are not being put to sleep or powered down.

I agree with John when he says you probably have an issue with something running on your computer. If you are under support then you might consider entering a support ticket and let HRD have a look at your computer.

Hope you get it fixed soon.

73, Charlie - KØLAF

Okay , I found the issue and wanted to list it incase someone else has this problem. 

After a windows update, the baud rate was changed on the comport. 

The baud rate on the Kenwood was set, the baud rate in the software was right with the radio. 

The comport in the windows device manager had the wrong baud rate. 



Good you found the problem Ferald. Windows updates often change settings.
Sorry. Gerald.

Now, I'm having the exact same problem only I haven't done a major Windows update recently.  I've been operating digital modes on HRD for about a solid month.  The rig control randomly decides it's time to disconnect.  I can usually tell when the frequency display onDM780 goes blank.  I found that if I shut down the software and turn off the radio (IC7300) manually, then re-start the software, it usually turns on the radio and lets me continue hamming.  But today, when that happened, I got a strange message at the top of the Connect window.  It says Connect , then my call sign, then it says "Abu Ail Is."  when I click connect, it immediately tells me it cannot find the radio.  I've struggled for a long time to figure out what's going on.  Anyone have an idea?

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