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Yaesu G5400 via ST2

I tried to use Rotator many years ago, but it just had too many problems, so I gave up and went to SatPC32. That system worked well, but I've decided to come back to Rotator to see if it's any better now. The answer seems yes and no. At least the Azimuth dial increases clockwise now. I have a Yaesu G5400 Az/El rotator, which I'm driving via a FoxDelta ST2 box, and I'm having trouble configuring it. Within HRD I have selected rotator "Yaesu GS-232B Az/El". 1. The Elevation display only shows 0-90 degrees. This rotator has an elevation range of 0-180 degrees. How do I set that? 2. The "Stop position" box only has 1 option - "Controller Managed". That is not correct. My rotator has a stop position of South. How do I set that?

Issue #3 - the rotator is moving as commanded, but the gauges are stuck on 0/0.
Managed to solve most of the issues by experimentation. Issue 1 remains. The Elevation gauge only shows 0-90. How can I make it 0-180? Issue 2 has disappeared - the stop position is, indeed, controller managed. Issue 3 remains. Everything is working - satellites are being tracked, but these gauges remain at 0/0. What are they for?

It only does 0-90 of elevation sadly. I've requested a change, and I guess many others have too. I don't think the satellite module is high priority at the moment. I like the GUI of the Satellite module, and I use that to see pictorially, but I the excellent PSTRototor. It is nothing short of amazing, and will give you all of the functionality you seek. Give the demo a try. It even has a remote web azimuth included!

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