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IC-9700 drops connection while on Linear Satellite mode

 My IC-9700 always drops connection while I am using the Linear satellite mode. This would happen after I would be to tune with doppler shift then clicked on Manual Tuning Enable to tune to a SSB audio signal using the VFO knob. Has anybody experienced this situtation? What steps done to correct and stay connected?

On my TS-2000X, my connections would stay, no drop everytime I would tune using my VFO knob within the span of the downlink frequencies.

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It happens to me too with my 9700 and Satellites.

Same here, as soon as I turn Manual Tuning on,  Rig Control module crashed on me. IC-9700 is here. 

I didn't find any way around it, and that's super unfortunate. 

I like the way Sat module combine everything needed in one pan of glass. But i really would like to have useful Manual Tuning, when I can browse the  span and as soon as I stop somewhere HRD would  calculate TX freq and apply proper Doppler to it.

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Latest HRD download version ....301 in  9/2020  , HRD Satellite and Rotator.

I put type 43 toroids on the rotator cable and each cable from the PC to the IC-9700.  So far it seems to prevent crashes when running 100 watts output (too much for satellites anyway) however once in a while it seems that Satellite tracking takes a very long pause as if not responding but I was patient and doppler tuning activity resumed after 2-5 minutes.   Rotator activity seemed to continue without interruption. 

For me, disconnects with both my IC-9700 and IC-7300 have been mostly from stray RF.  I put ferrite chokes on every cable...multiple chokes on every cable.   On everything...computers, monitors, TV, power supplies.  Not many drops any more.

Have you guys raised a ticket for these issues? If not then you should.
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