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Yaesu FTDX-101D? the config only is for MP

I have installed the new version happy that I was finally going to have my Yaesu FT-DX101D with its optimal configuration ... I install it, open to configure the connection and ... where is the D model? The MP model comes out which has some options that the D model does not have and the power indicators are adjusted for 200W when this equipment has only 100W
I find it a joke that all this time waiting and demanding that a configuration be removed for this equipment and I find that they have not removed it for the D model, only for the top-end model
it's a mistake ? because as it appears in the capture that I upload the indicators are for 200W and they remain half in my model, if I try to increase power the power indicators are reset by rereading them from the equipment
(34.5 KB)

 strange thing: now the power indicator does NOT let me put 100W, only 98w, both in equipment and in the HRD
and before putting the new version of the HRD could 100W !!!!
at 6M I can't over 92W (before I could have 100W)
what happened?????? This has been a matter of the HRD, now I cannot put the maximum power to the yaesu

Version There needs to be a "D" version Rig Control with the Maximum values set for the 100w PA. Where is the "PC" Power Control Slider that I had in the 991A panel "RF Power 5-100w"? All of those MAX Power Sliders do nothing for me. The 6 button panel at the top of the rig control section of the Logbook Entry Window shows a blank spot even though it is set for Roofing Filter B? It shows the values dropdown but nothing on the button cap? My Current Observations...

The configuration is for both the D and the MP.

True, the RF power on the MP does not go above 100 watts. But if you drag the slide on a D model above 100 watts, the slider will come right back to 100 watts - even though the scale goes to 200 watts.

It made no sense to otherwise duplicate all the commands into a duplicate model for the sake of this one item.

Are there other differences?


By the way... the radio was supposed to have been labeled "FTDX101D/MP". Just imagine that's what it says... then it's otherwise fine.


Well I uninstalled it all today, and found out that the upgrade installs were still leaving old stuff. Still didn't fix the 2 quirks though. There isn't a Singular option in the sliders config for RF Power which is what the Multi-Knob Controls when selected on the Function Screen. I also discovered the MIA Drop Down text for Roofing Filter B follow it where ever it is placed in the window.



Those are configurable. I don't think those get added by default.


Mike this was after I did the configuration, everything in the configuration screen showed what was set to what but when I clicked ok, no text on the drop down cap, and it would follow where ever I moved it to in the config screen. I also have a Screen caps of the entire Sliders list that does not list or show a possible selection for "RF POWER" which has to be done through the Function Screen, assigning it to the "Multi-Knob" or the PC function in the Cat Commands document which shows 0-100 for a setting, pretty sure the same commands are used in the 991a. Also Change the C4FM mode in the mode drop down to PSK. This rig will never do C4FM....


Ran across this missing On-Off Button and Slider combo for a physical knob, the "Notch" function. The Contour is there but not the Notch. 

Add the "DNF" button for A & B receivers as a missing configurable item.

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