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I am still having issues with CW reading.  I place the DM780 into CW mode. It receives fine for a while. I can’t send a CQ at all. It works on PSK31 both TX & RX for a while. Then the program locks up. Causes my radio to Xmit on and off repeated times until I shout off my Signalink. Sometimes it even turns my radio off.  The TX is set at 30%, RX is set at 50%, and the VOX PTT is at 0 delay. I have strong incoming CW in my headset with the radio’s CW light blinking in and off with each dash and dot. I purchased the HRD package more than a year ago for field day use only. I didn’t have a radio shack until two months ago. I can use FLDIGI, FLRIG, and WSJT FT8 without the software locking up and freezing.  I have to reboot my PC each times this happens. How do I get HRD to do what I want it to. I like the idea of having a PC radio control program that I can have up and running that can log, send and receive CW, and do digital just by changing modes. The HRD Software does change the mode on my FT891D from CW to Digital as needed. The CAT62 cable does change the frequency, mode, etc on the radio and displays it on the HRD software correctly. My USB Signalink was purchased with cables and board for my FT897D from Tigertroinics.  It uses a data din cable plugged into the back of my radio and USB to my PC tower.  I used the setups in part your tech sent me screen shots but they were for an Icon radio and not Yeasu. You screens are different for a Yeasu Versa ICOM.
Why is it that I can run FLDIGI all day but HRD barley at all?  I paid for the HRD software and using an older version having no problems. Put it away not using it until Two months ago. Upgraded  to the latest version and can’t get it to work on my Yeasu. It might work fine on an Icon, but.  What can I do to get past this problem?  I purchased a WinKeyer mini but I’m not taking it out of the box unless you can get me up and running.  For the fact that FLDIGI etc works on my equipment and HRD doesn’t there has to be something missing.  I have viewed everything on YouTube on my radio and HRD software. I have found I’m not the only one lacking in Yeasu setup information.  Most said it was trial and error to get it going.  I just want to be able to use all the digital and CW modes. I’m handicapped and can use a computer but learning code I’ve tried but it’s to much to remember. PLEASE HELP!
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