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What happened to forum

What happened to all the forum posts?  When will they be returned?

You're on the forum. This is it.


I mean the historical posts.  And the ability to edit or delete my posts.

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Don't like this new forum, can't see half of previous post's and horrible to navigate

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I also do not like new format...Pete

I also do not like new format...Pete

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Happens every few years.  New posting software and all historical info gone. :-(

Jim. From what you are saying it implies that there is some devious reason why the Forum has moved to here. The software is evolving, as it must, and it is clear that most users are satisfied with the software as it is. The number of reported issues has dropped considerably since the last release. Of course, not everyone is not going to like the change to the Forum. That's human nature. It will take getting used to, like a new radio. Take care

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John - No, nothing devious.  It never occurred to me that the change was done to hide anything.  At my age I have seen many changes in ham radio and in the world.  Just pointing out that things evolve and every now and then there is a reset.  Nonetheless, I still am a little sad that historical information is gone.

Jim. Thank you and I apologise if I read too much into your post. At 79 I have seen many changes e.g. "ssb, it will never catch on". I agree that it is a shame that historical information has gone, but ce la vie. 73 and Stay Safe.

... and how to edit a own post?


All I would like to see is a section for the last 3 or 4 post made.

Kack (KZ6ZZ)


I see tha historical topics and posts are not seen anymore.

What happened? It was great / precious library of knowledge about program features. Why it is not available anymore??

Another problem. Today I started 3 topics and I see only one. Shaould I enter missing two again?

Google is still returning results for but those posts weren't imported to the new system.  Makes guys who try to RTFM frustrated and forced to enter a ticket, and thus subscribe to support.   We're starting over from scratch here and we've lost all the insight left from users over the years.  Anyone know how to view this old post?

I'll inquire to see if it's possible to import from the old forums (vBulletin) to these new forums. But that platform was under attack daily. The last time it was down (for several days) was due to a vulnerability in vBulletin that was exploited.


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