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'Encountered an improper Argument' ?

Has anyone had this message when loading the software please...?
'Encountered an improper Argument'

I'm running the latest version and the program is not loading correctly...

I have submitted a ticket for support, but thought I would post on the forum, just in case someone has had the same issue.

Running Windows 10 and radio is Icom IC-7100
When closing the program, it will close and start the 7100, so it is talking to the radio.

Any assistance would be very welcome, thank you

Regards, Stevie G4 PSS

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Stevie. I hope you have a backup of your logbook. Create a new log in the database manager and restore you logbook (.xml file) into the new, empty logbook. HTH

Hi John,

Thank you for the message, the logbook is not the issue, it's the loading of the whole program with this error.

Having made some changes to the COM port settings further up to No's 25, 26 and 27, as suggested from the HRD group (please look at my messages there regarding the issues please)...

It also keeps coming up with can't read frequencies, which suggests a setting somewhere is just not quite right.

So, any suggestions would be very welcome, thank you.

Kind Regards, Stevie.

You say "When closing the program, it will close and start the 7100, so it is talking to the radio."

How does closing the program start the radio? Do you mean closing the error message?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling HRD. New version now of course.

You say that the program is talking to the radio but cannot read the frequencies. That suggests that something in the CAT settings is not right.

Hi good evening John.

Thank you for your message, regarding the issues I am having with HRD and my Icom IC-7100

Okay, as per my original posting, it clearly stated that the issues were in the program loading correctly and had nothing to do with opening and or closing down the radio. It was just an overview comment confirming that there was an active radio link from the software to the radio.

I made the comments to reflect that given the issues, there was still a comms link to the radio, in which it would both turn the radio on and also turn the radio off, when the program closed down.

My feelings are, after making some changes and also to the COM ports etc. the issue still persists, in the message cannot read frequency...!

So, it's a small settings tweak somewhere and no doubt I will get there through the support here, or just get lucky as they say... !

Kind Regards, Stevie

Hi John,

As per earlier messages, I removed the whole program, including all registry entries etc. Carried out a full reboot. Then installed the latest version of the software and restarted the program, to end up with exactly the same message again...!

You are miss reading my messages, all I said was that the program will start the radio and when I close the program, it asks if I would like to turn the radio off. So, when I click yes, it does turn the radio off.

Thank you.

Regards, Stevie.

Having same problem. I get the improper argument all  the. I have to close and then reload the program then it starting doing it again.

73 Dave NU4N

I have the IC-7100 too.  This error started when I was clicking on the slider arrow at the bottom of the rig control screen.  I found it to be a slider setting on the last page that had an option selected that was already selected.  I went into the sliders configure screen and turned off the duplicate setting and things started working again without the error.

Good Luck



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