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Moving HRD to a new computer

My old dedicated radio computer finally bit the dust.  Luckily the HD didn't crash and I've recovered the files.  I have both the backup files from HRD and the MDB databases.  I have multiple database files, so I don't know if the backup will only contain the connected DB at the time of the backup or all of them.  Has there been a guide created yet for moving HRD from one computer to another computer?  I'm wondering if there's any functional difference in importing the databases vs restoring the backup.  I don't find in the documentation what contents are kept in the backups.  Is there a recommended option between those two or even something else?  I don't really care to restore the DM780 config.  Any macros I had would be nice but the ports will change for all of my devices, so I'm planning on rebuilding that anyway.  Is there a way to just import the old macros and messages?  Anything else I should consider importing/moving over from the old computer?

The settings/macros etc. are stored in this folder

C:\Users\Win 10\AppData\Roaming\HRDLLC


Thanks, John.

Anyone know if I should restore a backup or just reattach the databases?  Any different between those two options or is one a preferred option?

If you have to restorer from your logbook backup then do that.

Just copy over the folders you need from the path I gave you.

Good luck

FWIW - moving the settings from one computer to another is not really a very good idea... unless you're absolutely certain that the COM ports remain the same, soundcard devices and drivers are the same... etc. And then there's the matter related to the reigstry.

Save yourself some effort... just install it from scratch on the new computer and restore your log from back. You'll spend less time trying to clean up the mess that results from copying it over.


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