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Update HRD

A lot of hams are waiting on the Yaesu FTDX 101 mp to be listed in HRD. When this eventually happens do I uninstall and reinstall my HRD to update to the 101mp.

No, you have only to update your installed version.

Waiting for FTDX 1201 actual rig which appears in the pop-up menu, may I use??


Sorry FTDX 101 MP....finger mistake !!

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Look in the Old Forum:

Message Nr. 5 from LA8RTA:

It not optimal, but HRD Interface works if You use Yaesu FT-991, Speed 4800 (if You have not changed it yourselves in the transceiver) and marks RTS in "Flow control/Interface power".

Seem to use Yaesu 991-A

This radio will be added in our comming release!

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