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RE Mantis 0003713

 HRD does store solar index's, unless it was broken in 6.7.  I use 6.6


I use 6.7.275 now and it works ok.... all  solar data is there and stored

Peter PC1Y

@W3RJW Is it possible that the QSOs you're referring to are coming in from WSJT-X?

I just noticed this myself and went back to the last QSO I made without the "QSO Forwarding" function and the solar data does exist there.


Always got solardata in HRD for ssb/phone.....   for FT8 signals another thing: I used JTDX with JT-alert and although I have ticked boxes to send sfi-data in jt alert there was nothing.....  until i ask lauri about it and it seems data is only transferred If band activity windowin JT-alert  was it works perfect.

73 Peter PC1Y

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